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Stop chasing quick commissions―and start building a solid, long-term real estate business

In Close for Life, realtor trainer and top producer Josh Cadillac puts you on the path to long-term success in real estate. In these pages, he shares his simple, sustainable methods for succeeding without focusing on closing transactions:

  • Make prospective customers see that you know what you’re talking about and are looking out for their best interests.
  • Learn all you can about the industry and understand the importance of continuing curiosity and learning.
  • Retain customers long after the transaction is done and show them their business means so much more than just money in your pocket.
  • Change your focus from customer acquisition to customer retention.


A multi-tiered program giving you the opportunity to CHOOSE YOUR PATH into Real Estate through Classes, Q&As, Slack Channels, Educational Materials, Deals, Live Coaching, and MORE.

STOP wasting your time taking classes from unproven teachers without any actual experience in the field! Those in the know will tell you that the lessons you ACTUALLY need to succeed in Real Estate… are very rarely taught.

Choose your subscription model and start today!

A.C.E. Realtor Sales Courses

The Accredited Closing Expert (A.C.E.) series of courses are a fun, no nonsense group of classes on how to be elite in your industry. You will learn how the most successful real estate professionals think and the techniques they use to build a strong and thriving business, presented in a setting that’s exciting and informative. Throw out any of your pre-existing expectations and approach our classes knowing that you’ll emerge with the skills to not lose deals and get more offers accepted.

Because real estate is such a broad field, we have a wide range of classes and topics for agents of any level. Regardless of your skill level you will get something out of these classes as we are not rehashing the same things you have heard time and time again. We are bringing a new and fresh approach to dealing with the problems faced by real agents in the modern real estate environment.

Know Your Sh*t with Josh Cadillac

I am Josh Cadillac and welcome to my podcast KNOW YOUR SH*T. I’ve seen great success as well as seen the bottom in 2008. The one lesson I’ve learned is that for you to have success and differentiate yourself from everyone else, you need to KNOW YOUR SH*T.

As a successful educator and investor in real estate and crypto, it drives me nuts that people do not immerse themselves in their craft. Everyone is so busy selling that they forget the most important thing: the product. I’ll talk to the most successful folks in every industry, bring them to you, and show you the common denominator.

Earth to Orbit

Learn How To Build A Successful Real Estate Empire – With The Most Powerful And In-Depth Course For Real Estate Agents

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